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Our mission is to supply great companies with the brightest minds in tech.

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It’s no secret there is a shortage of software engineers and coding jobs in general. We aim to solve this problem by providing access to high quality IT talent on demand.

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A Little About Us

Apex North is a boutique IT staffing company, with one office in Eugene, OR. We retain and hire some of the best technical minds and prefer to place them on a contract basis with our clients.

We started this company to solve problems associated with web applications and software engineering across multiple industries.


Small Business

We've taken entrepreneur's ideas and very quickly made them a reality. We don't know what the next big idea is, or are even able to give you that killer business idea; however we can remove the technical risk and bring your product to market quickly, that scales, and with integrity and quality.

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Our enterprise practice brings agile engineering methods to existing teams and infrastructure, helping our clients produce value faster, with less waste, higher quality, and lower cost.

Our experience has taught us the best way to help a company is to get in the trenches with them and code shoulder to shoulder, learn first by building real products in our client's environment, and conquer the problems and inefficiencies as they occur in real time.

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So, what does the name mean?


The definition of Apex is the highest point, the vertex, this is the desired trajectory for growth and return on investment.

Increasing results to the highest point sounds great, however in our experience there are some practices that deliver immediate results that also diminish long term value and growth. In software engineering examples of short term solutions that quickly move the needle but incur code debt are myriad.

That's where experience and direction come in.

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North, the direction used to define all other directions.

When we think of North, we think of a compass, to navigate a path of strategic decisions that delivers value and growth for the long term.

Advantage comes from how your company applies technology, and more specifically the people who lead, implement, and support your technology initiatives.

Let's build the best.

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Our logo is a path going up and to the right.

Up representing the climb to the apex, and to the right representing the correct direction.


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