Why are physicians interacting more with computers than patients?

Information may come from multiple sources, which requires logging on to different applications. It's no wonder that some physicians spend 50% of their time [1] interacting with electronic health records (EHR) rather than caring for patients!

A comprehensive ecosystem utilizing one database, one sign on

We can consolidate data from numerable data sources, and make it readily available on one centralized system, no matter what device you are using. This makes physicians faster in taking care of patients, never being away from critical information.

Physicians are not data entry clerks.

Augmedix has created a solution for physicians to spend less time with their EHR software by generating patient notes in real time utilizing Google Glass. This removes the burden of documentation and time consuming data entry.

Contact us to see how we may install, configure, and support your electronic health record (EHR) system so you can spend less time with cumbersome software and free up valuable time.

[1] American Journal of Emergency Medicine - 4000 Clicks: a productivity analysis of electronic medical records in a community hospital ED

The mean percentage of time spent on data entry was 43%. The mean percentage of time spent in direct contact with patients was 28%. The pooled weighted average time allocations were 44% on data entry, 28% in direct patient care, 12% reviewing test results and records, 13% in discussion with colleagues, and 3% on other activities.