Secure provider to provider communication

HIPAA Approved Private Communication

Secure messaging solutions help health care organizations comply with the 2014 HIPAA guidelines by creating a private communications network, within which all protected health information (PHI) is encrypted when stored, as well as bank level encryption when messages are sent and received over secure networks.

Actionable Notifications

Read Receipts

Photo & File Share

Industry Best Practices by Default

Only authorized users are allowed on the network through secure messages applications. These healthcare specific applications include mechanisms that prevent protected health information (PHI) from leaving the secure network, such as copy and paste. Further messages have a lifespan and are deleted after a predetermined period of time inline with regulations on how long records should be kept. Other features include automatic logouts to prevent unauthorized use if devices are left unattended, administrators have the ability to remotely delete all stored information if the device is misplaced.

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Urgent Messages

Secure, Not Burdensome

Security features are designed to not only ensure message accountability but also accelerate the flow of communication within the healthcare environment, in effort to remove barriers and increase efficiency. When linked to an EHR, secure messaging will streamline workflow and enhance privacy, security, and compliance.

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